Constitutionally neutral since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Switzerland is by its nature ideally suited for international arbitration. Its multi-lingual and federal nature, its geographical position in the center of Europe and its small size encouraged Switzerland’s lawyers to develop keen cross-cultural skills to find mutually acceptable solutions for all cultural and linguistic groups that make up the country. The ability to deal with different legal and cultural traditions as well as a practical approach to resolving problems has led to the development of a sophisticated arbitration bar comprising many of the world’s best known arbitrators.

Geneva has long been at the forefront in the development of international law and arbitration. Indeed, one might say that arbitration as an instrument of modern dispute resolution was born here. In 1872 the United States and the British governments decided to settle a dispute over the U.S.’s claims for damages against the United Kingdom arising from the British role in building the Confederate warship Alabama, by arbitration in Geneva rather than resorting to war. Since then Geneva has been playing a leading role as a modern-day hub of international arbitration and for the development him of international law.

As members of the Geneva arbitration bar, the partners of Landolt & Koch participate in the development of Geneva as an international place of arbitration by their publications and participation in conferences and seminars. By sharing experiences with our fellow members both as arbitrator and as counsel we contribute to making Geneva an ever more effective venue for international arbitration.