The partners of Landolt & Koch act as counsel, co-counsel and arbitrators in international commercial and investment arbitrations.

We have represented clients or acted as arbitrators in a variety of economic sectors such as: biotechnology, certification services, chemicals and petrochemicals, construction and technology, employment, information technology, maritime transportation and employment, infrastructure projects, luxury goods, paper products, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, steel and other commodity trading, as well as in telecommunications and Formula 1 racing.
Those disputes have involved contracts of various types such as: sale of goods, distribution, agency, executive employment, maritime employment, technology transfer, licensing, franchising, production sharing, turnkey construction, BOT contracts, FIDIC contracts, shareholder agreements, M&A contracts, bank agreements, service agreements, terrestrial and maritime transportation contracts.

We have conducted arbitrations under the rules of the: ICC, AAA, LCIA, Swiss Chambers Arbitration Institution (SCAI) ICSID, CAS, WIPO, VIAC, LMAA, as well as ad hoc arbitrations under the UNCITRAL rules.